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Gymnastics for pre-school aged children 

Age: 2 – 5 years

Class Length: 1 hour (dependant on age)

Adult helper required: Yes (dependant on class) 


KinderGym classes at Balance Gymnastics focus on developing both physical and social skills, helping each child get the best start in life.

Our classes use the full range of gymnastics apparatus to teach a sound fundamental movement education.  Each preschool class is tailored to suit different ages, ensuring that children are challenged physically and socially, setting them up for a lifelong love of movement. 

Each fortnight participants in our KinderGym program rotate through a new theme. Each theme develops a  wide variety of gross motor skills, including; swing, spring, rock, roll, jump and landing. Fine motor skills are also developed through the use of finger plays, puzzles, threading and small hand apparatus use. Fine and gross motor skills are essential to prepare children for kindergarten and school.


Through different themes, ever changing equipment set ups and carefully curated music; young minds are kept engaged and empowered with movement!

KinderGym Classes are separated into two categories:

Pit-A-Pats : 2-4 yr old (grown up assisted) 

  • A class for 2-4 year olds with an assisting adult helper + class coach

  • 1 hour class length

Tumble Bears : 4-5 yr old (independent class)

  • An independent class for 4-5 year olds starting school the following year (no assisting adult helper) 

  • 1 hour class length 

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